Saturday, July 8, 2017

Week 52

June 26, 2017

Hello everyone!!!!!!! Olá gente!

This week was fantastic!!!!!!  Lots of good moments happened :) 

To start off, CONGRATS TO THE NEW HL´s!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH I AM SO EXCITED FOR ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!! (If you don´t know what I´m talking about, sorry, it´s a Blue Ridge thing 😜) I´m especially proud because one of my girls got elected ❤ #proudmomma 

Anyways, let´s change the subject because thinking about Blue Ridge makes me incredible homesick!!!!!!!!!!!!  #muitossaudades #amoAMontanha

Pday last week was super great!  We decided to splurdge with the left-over money we had from some Sisters here from lunch, annnd we bought the ingredients to make oreo balls! Except Brasilian oreo balls.  They were faaaaantastic.  IF you´ve ever heard of brigadeiro you´ll understand. 

On Tuesday I made a division with Sister Santos!! That was fun! We took pics with winter hats because it was freazing inside our house!

FRANCIELLY WAS BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOP it was so special :) We were all matching by accident that day hahaha

One day this week we decided to dress up like Elders! That was fun.

WE MADE MEXICAN FOOD FOR LUNCH ONE DAY THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!! It was a glorious feast. I ate way more than I should have.

One night we had to literally run home to make it to our house before 10 pm, and we took a pic after XD Yall can try and figure out which one hahah

On Sunday I actually had time to do my hurrrrr #milagre We wore our new clothes that we bought at a thrift store, for 10Reis, which is like $3! Woop! winners

But yeah! This week was amazing!  We found a golden family! Maydza finally offered a prayer outloud and it was the most beautiful prayer!  I am so stoked about this upcoming week. It is the last week of the transfer, so it could be my last here in paranaguá.  I really hope not, because I LOVE It here.  But we shall see!

This week was also one of those weeks where I felt like I needed to be putting more effort into growing SPIRITUALLY.  I realized that I haven´t been consciously applying the Atonement in my life, daily.  The Atonement is the word we use to refer to the sacrafice Christ made for each of us.  As I was studying about the Atonement this week I had a series of thoughts that I wanted to share with ya´ll.  

Whenever I imagine Christ, I imagine ressurected. I imagine Him with a perfect body, and with perfect scars on His hands and feet, like the painters paint Him.  And I began to think about how it actually probably won´t be like that.  His scars will not be perfect.  They will represent His SACRIFICE.  They will represent all the pain and suffereing He went through, for each one of us.  And I imagined how I will feel when I see Him again, for the first time. How will I feel?  Will I feel unworthy? Will I have regrets? Grateful?  Tiny? etc.  And I thought about how every single time we see Christ He will have those same marks.  

All of these thoughts left me with the great desire to do absolutely everything I can to personally KNOW and LOVE my Savior.  

I know Christ lives, and I know that one day the WHOLE world will know He lives.

xo Sister Councill

(like Enoch, I didn´t proofread)


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