Saturday, July 8, 2017

Week 47 What a week

May 22, 2017

Well, this week felt like a month! Literally.

Things that happened... it rained a ton!  We went to Curitiba for a Leadership Counsel!  We were robbed!   I ate waffles again!  My companion and I gave a training!  We´re going to be sort of opening an area again!  

Yeah, so where to start? Today is transfers, and last night we found out that the two other sisters who lived with us here, would be leaving and that now we would be taking care of their area!  WHAT. Thankfully, it´s the same ward, so we won´t have too many changes.  But talk about crazy!  Sister Coutinho and I arrived here together, opened our area, and now we are going to be sort of opening another area!  The mission is wild.  

And YEAH we were robbed! Let me tell yall how it went.  Sister Coutinho and I were just minding our own business, walking in the park, and all of a sudden this kid on a bike comes up behind me and yells, "PASS ME YOUR PHONE."  I thought to myself, "okayyy you can have it, it´s really crappy..." I found the phone, handed it to him and then he yelled for our money. We gave him 11Reis.  Thankfully it wasn´t a lot of money!  And then he was gone, and we kept on walking as if nothing had ever happened... but the funny part is that my companion said that during it all I was just super calm and acted as if it was something normal to get robbed 😂 I don´t remember straight what i said, but she said I told him, "okay you can have our phone."  hahahahaha so yeah that was a great experience Sister Coutinho and I had this week. I´ve been in Brasil 11 months, and this was the first time I was robbed! "que bom!"   But honestly it was a huge miracle, because we both had our cameras in our bags, and he didn´t even ask to see our bags.  SUPER MIRACLE. 

AND get this! So there´s a member here who wants me to make a typical American dinner for her.  But here´s the problem... I don´t even remember straight what kind of foods we eat in the States, or what would even be considered as "The typical American dinner."  I thought of mabye Thanksgiving food?? But if yall could give me some ideas, with recipes (since I can´t use Google) I would be SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you thank you thank you!

So at the Leadership Counsel my Mission President said something that really got my attention.  "Happy, but not satisfied."  He was talking specifically about our missionary work, but I thought about how it can apply in ALL aspects of our lives. But more importantly it should apply with how we are doing spirtually.  (If we are doing well spiritually) we should be happy, but not satisfied, knowing that we can always be improving, always doing something more to help us be better.  
SO I´ve been thinking about that all this week, and I think it´s going to be one of my new motto´s.  

Love you all dearly!  And I wish you a happy week!  

xo Sister Councill 

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