Saturday, July 8, 2017

Week 46 Hello Hello Hello

May 15, 2017

Good morning! I hope everyone had a terrific Mother´s Day!  I sure did here in Brasil, cuz I got to talk to my FAMILYYYYYYYY.  It was fantastic ☺  And also the weirdest thing ever because I realized that the next time I talk to them, it will be at home. In America. At the airport.  WEIRD.  ahhhhhhhhh the time is passing SO SO SO fast!

But let´s see.  This week was good! I made a division with Sister de Jesus who is from Rio Grande do Sul!  It was pretty fun, I got to go to her area! I´ll send pics!  

Other than that, I don´t know if I have any really funny or interesting stories. Sorry folks...   But I do have some interesting pictures to send of my area!  Ya´ll will like those :)  So my area has like this salt-river/sound!  It´s pretty cool!  Of course, we can´t go in the water or boating or anything as missionaries, but it´s fun to admire and take pictures!

Here´s an awesome verse I found this week.  "Where no counsel (Councill) is, ther people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors (Councills) there is safety."  Prov 11:14  
Pretty fantastic, right?? 😂😜

So yesterday during Sunday school we talked about testimonies.  And there was one quote that reallly REALLY stood out to me. If I remember the references correctly, it is right after Christ has his "for I am the bread of life" talk.  A lot of his followers didn´t understand the meaning, and decide to leave him and Christ turns to His Apostles and asks them if they will leave him as well.  In the scriptures they respond, paraphrasing, "it´s true, where would we go Lord?"  

The quote that I wrote down from the lesson was, "It´s true, is it not? Then what is more important?"  This really stood out to me because it´s SO TRUE.  We know God is our Father in Heaven. We know He has a plan for us. We know the commandments, we know what we should do.  So, what is more important?  

I hope that we can always remember what is most important when we are faced with new decisions, new obstacles.  

and, I hope you all have a wonderful May week!

Love ya´ll,

xo Sister Councill


1 and 2- my companion had a fun time taking a pic of my hair before I cut it !

3, 4, 5- Some shots of one view of the salt-river, from a street!

6, 7,8- My division with Sister de Jesus! 

9. 10. 11- More pics of the salt-river!  Missionaries aren´t allowed to enter....

12, 13, 14- and finally, the salt-river at the end of OUR street!!!!

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