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Week 49 Hello Everyone

June 5, 2017


this week was great! Lots of little adventures happened!

So this week we got money 3 times from the Sisters in the ward, instead of eating lunch at their house and to be honest, I was secretely really happy because I love cooking!  Sister Coutinho and I made this huge American breakfast feast for lunch one day and it was the most glorious thing ever.  We had buiscuts, cheesy eggs, hashbrowns, and a huge fruit salad. OH my yum! I´ll send a pic!

Last night we made Pao de Queijo at Irma Nena´s house with Maydza and it was soooo good!  (sorry I didn´t take a pic)

Today we´re going to eat lunch with a recent convert named, Heitor! He has an incredible story and every time we´re with him we learn so much! I´m excited :D

What else? I made a division with Sister Albertoni! SO fun! We´re from the same group and have previously served in the same district, so it was super fun having a division with her! We saw a lot of miracles that day :) One of which was that our investigator, Maydza, left home!  wait, why is that a miracle?

So Maydza lives with her boyfriend and 2 small kids.  And for her to be baptized, she has to get married or move out. She doesn´t want to marry him, so the other option is that she has to move out. Sister Coutinho and I found her our first week here! She is one of those "golden investigators." She´s basically a member, without being baptized. But Sister Albertoni and I passed by and Emerson, her bf, said she moved out.  And I was SO excited! We thought she might have gone to her mom´s house. My companion and I had fasted with her about this decision and we were so happy that the Lord answered our prayers and fasting so fast!  The next day when Sister Coutinho and I decided to stop by and see if her sons were good and everything Maydza was there! We were very surprised and very dissapointed. But we learned that she had brought a blanket with her and was planning on sleeping in the street because she didn´t want to live at her mom´s.  Can you believe that determination to live God´s commandments???  The only reason she went back was because of her son´s. But right now we are looking for a place for her to live.  But I know God will continue to answer our prayers for her to be baptized!

Yesterday was Stake Conference here in Paranaguá and President Aidukaidis was there!  He told us of how the Lord asks us to simply obey his commandments.  He said, "I have never seen anyone in my life who has kept the commandments and has not prospered."

Can yall imagine how many people a General Authority knows?? (He travels throughout the world to help the church) A LOT.  ANd he´s never seen anyone who hasn´t prospered, who keeps the commandments.

When I heard that I thougth about Maydza.  I felt that I needed to tell you all this story!  I know our Heavenly Father expects us, AND wants us to keep His commandments- t´s because He loves us, and He wants us to prosper here on earth.

"..if ye do keep his commandments he doth bless you and prosper you." Mosiah 2:22

"If ye shall keep my commandments ye shall abide in my love."  John 15:10

"..I would desire that ye sould consider on the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God."  Mosiah 2:41

It´s as simple as this :)

Hope you all have a LOVELY week ❤

xo Sister Councill 


WELCOME- I saw this at a recent converts house! howw cool!
breakfast for lunch!
division with Sister Albertoni!
We bought lunch one day, and Sister Coutinho is a vegetarian so she gave me all of her meat, and it was WAY too much for me to eat, so we took a pic cuz it was funny
Us yesterday at stake conference!

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