Sunday, March 26, 2017

Week 34 pictures

Week 34 Hello you lovely people

February 20, 2017

Hi yall!


OKay so many things happened.  

We had a meeting with all the newbies- all the new missionaries- on Tuesday and that was great! I learned a bunch of great new things that I can do to be a better trainer for Sister Libanio!  Also while we were in Curitiba someone passed by us and said, IN ENGLISH mind you,  "hi! my name is Michael. Be my friend!"  Oh man I died laughing yall. 

On Wednesday we got to see President Cuvelier again because he did Eliane´s baptismal interview!  AND SHE PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Oh man. It was so great.  I was so happy.  And it was fantastic seeing my Mission President as welllll. We talked a little bit about BYU and Accounting and everything.  (He went to BYU and studied in the Marriot School)  That was suuuuuuuuper nice talking about BYU and such .. in ENGLISH haha.

On Sunday I got to speak in Church which was fun!  Guess what I spoke about?  MISSIONARY WORK 😜 hehehehe 

So let me tell you about Eliane´s baptism!!  We planned for Saturday.  

Saturday rolled around and Sister Libanio and I head to the church about 2.5 hours before, to clean the baptismal font and fill it with water..  Side note real quick..  The font was SO dirty!!!! I killed 10 poisonous spiders😱  My comp is super terrified of spiders so I was left cleaning it all by myself. hahaha fun stuff! 

Okay, so I cleaned the font and then we turned the water on.  About 20 min later we discovered that the Church didn´t have WATER.  THE CHURCH DIDN`T HAVE WATER.  Can ya'll believe that????? Yup.  Apparently it was shut off for like 36 hours.  

Ya'll can´t even imagine how we felt.  Yes, tears were shed.  And then we came to our senses and said a prayer.
Side note about Eliane.  She has had 4 baptismal goals.  She was solid on the 3rd, but then she didn´t pass her interview, and then woww it was quite the journey working up to the 4th baptismal goal.  WHICH was this last Saturday, and THEN the there wasn´t water!!!!  So you can imagine how we felt.  

But we prayed and prayed and prayed some more.  

Eliane was baptized yesterday right after church, in another church building! AND IT WAS PERFECT.  

The brother of a recent convert went to church this last week and then yesterdat. His name is Felipe.  We tried to set up a time to teach him last week, but it fell through.  BUT get this.  Yesterday he attended Eliane´s baptism and talked to Bishop afterwards saying that he wants to be baptized this next Saturday.  Like in 6 days.  


When Bishop told me that I immediately started crying because I realized HOW all the confusion of Eliane´s baptism worked out perfectly. I realized that Heavenly Father had it all in control the whole time.  I am soooo grateful for this experience- I think it is one that I´ll never forget.  When Sister L and I re3alized the church didn´t have water, we never could have imagined how Heavenly Father would use this as a miracle.  I know at times it feels like everything is falling apart, BUT trust in the Lord and EVERYTHING will be 1000X better (Prov 3:5)

ALSO, I´m pretty stoked about having to teach all of the missionary lessons in 6 days to Felipe.  This is literally a missionaries dream come true.  It´s going to be FANTASTIC. 

xo Sister Councill