Saturday, July 8, 2017

Week 44 Hello Everyone

May 1, 2017


This week was great!  We ended up going to Curitiba Tuesday and not going home until Friday 😮 Lots of meetings, Conferences, and then I had to renew my VISA!  Fun stuff.  The sad part is that we didn´t end up getting to work very much in our area this week.. which is hard since we´re still trying to get to know the members, roads, investigators.. everything.. hahaha

BUT that was basically it!  I have more pictures to send, than things to write about!  

Oh, get this. Today we are going to spend our pday at the house of a member!  We are going to make WAFFLES (glory, glory, hallelujiah) and cookies and watch the movie Charlie!  I´ve never seen, it but all the members and missionaries say it´s super good and that I´ll cry a ton.  So I´m excited :D

So this week we had a Zone Conference like I said, and the COOL part was that Elder Aidokaidis and his wife were there!  The training they gave was amazing and I learned SO SO SO much.

Sister Aidokaidis spoke about the Christ-like attribute of obedience. She talked about obedience in a way that I had never thought about before, and I wanted to share these ideas with yall!

NOrmally, when I think about obedience, I think about how we need to be obedient to God´s commandments. But Sister Aidokaidis said that God is obedient as well. God is God. He is perfect, so He too is obedient. Perfectly obedient.

We often here that "obedience is the first law of Heaven."  But WHY?? Becaue if it was the second, or third, it would mean that we could disobey the other laws. For example, If love or compassion was the first law of Heaven, then it would mean that we could make excuses to not obey, because of love-- "oh, he didn´t pay his tithing, because he loves his family and... " No. It´s not like that at all.  

We need to always make a conscious effort to obey God and His commandments. 

Obeying is something we do everyday. We obey our parents. We obey our teachers. We obey our bosses.  We obey because we know it will bring us success.  

Imagine how much success (blessings) we could have, if we obey God?  And not just obey, but with a joyful attitude??

Things to think about :)

Love you all, have a fantastic first week of May!

xo Sister Councill
explantions of the pictures...

It was Sister Coutinho´s birthday, so I made her a cake! From scratch!

There´s a bunch of pics of when we had to renew our Visas :) 

There is one pic of me under a bus sign. The bus sign basically says, "happiness point."  Pretty neat!

I ate REAL acai for the first time in my life!  (it wasn´t as big as a deal as all the Brasilians make it out to be btw)

I think that´s it! :D

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