Saturday, July 8, 2017

Week 43 I'm in Heavennnn

April 24, 2017

Yup, I literally am in heaven here yall.  Paranaguá is HEAVEN. Paranaguá é CEU.

Let me just tell you how I met our Bishop here.  We arrived in Paranaguá via bus, and when we got off, he came up to us and said, "Hi Sisters! I´m the Bishop! I´m here to help you!  Let me take your bags! Are you guys hungry?? You all will be my daughters!"  (It´s better in Portuguese, sorry I had to translate lol) BUT YEAH.  That night he brought us sandwiches, and then the next morning he brought us hot bread. YUP.  Heaven yall.

I don´t know if I mentioned last week, but both my companion and I are new here.. so we don´t know how to walk around our area etc!  BUT wait.  The members here are AWESOME and one of the young men/recent converts led us around each day showing us where our investigators live, who is a less active, who is a member etc.  

YUP.  It´s heaven here!!!
AND GUESS WHAT!!! MY COMPANION IS SISTER COUTINHO.  She´s Brasilian. We shared a room in the MTC!  And guess what?! She lived in Provo for a year and a half before the mission to learn Portuguese! WOOP!  I love her!!!  So for my entire mission I have been literally praying for a companion who likes to run and eat healthy like I do.  AND GUESS WHAT!  Sister Coutinho does!  

Guys.  For the first week since my mission has started, I have been able to run 4 times!!! It was MARVELOUS. I am so happy. SO happy!!!!!! All of you have already served a mission know how stinking great it is to  have a companion who likes the same things as you.  Literally heaven ❤

And we are already starting to get to know our area and our investigators as well!  We found a woman, Mayda, this week who came to church with us and I´ll keep yall posted on her progression!

But basically, Sister Councill is super happy and pleased with life.  I just want to testify to you all that I know God loves us.  I know He worries about us, about our plans, about our desires etc.  I know HE has the PERFECT plan for each of us.  I have felt that this week. He gives us hard times, and He blesses us with good times. And, all of it is for our well-being :)  

Trust in God, because He knows YOU, and knows what is best for you,

xo Sister Councill
I don´t have a ton of pics, but here they are!
(no in particular order)

Last hug with Sister C. Silva 😖 She´s now home!
my new companion!  Sister Coutinho
My AREA! There´s mountains in the distance, palm trees.. heaven..
A chocolate easter egg! It´s tradition here to buy these for Easter!  And I bought one after, because it would be cheaper ✌


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