Saturday, July 8, 2017

Week 45 What a Week:)

May 8, 2017

Hello hello!

This week was so great and I have lots of things to tell!

Last pday was so cool!  We made waffles and cookies and spent the whole afternoon with a Sister in the ward  here!  Charlie (a movie)  was sooo sad. I totally cried at the end. It´s awful, I wouldn´t reccommend it 😂 Not unless you like sad movies... 

So this last week was an adventure.. because one day our water got cut!  Apparently our mission didn´t have the funds to pay our water bill XD  But we survived! Luckily it was only one day 😛

So there´s a cat that lives by our house here and this cat is literally the strangest. When he meows, it sounds like a baby crying.. so like randomly during the morning and at night we here this cat meowing and it totally throws it off!  Brasil is weird.

Oh! I´m going to cut my hair today!  Woop! Finally.  First real hair cut since I started my mission! I´ll send pics next week!

So this week I had a pretty interesting/terrible experience that I want to share with yall because of what I learned.

Thursday I was on a divison with Sister Atkinson and we decided to contact a reference we had received.  The first time we stopped by, the mom of the reference answered the door. She was polite and said her son would be home later that night. We said we´d stop by later!  Totallllllly normal.  When we stopped by again his grandma came out and immediately started yelling at us and called us dogs and all other sorts of terrible thigns.  We tried to appoligize but she wouldn´t even let us speak! So we just kind of walked away.. it was strange and horrible. We went to the closest corner and started looking at our planners, deciding what to do next, when she came outside AGAIN and started yelling at us until we were about a block away!  Uhhhg. Up until now, this was by far the worst experience of my mission!   I wanted to cry, but I didn´t because I was on a division.  And I wanted to go back and talk to that woman and understand why she felt that way!  (at the time, it was mostly out of frustration, not out of love that I wanted to do that). I did not like how that woman had treated us.  So I began to pray and pray and pray, because I didn´t want to keep feeling hurt and angry.  I´m certain that Sister Atkinson also was praying, because soon we were able to cheer up and feel the Spirit again.  

Sooo from this whole experience, I have really stregthened my testimony on the power of prayer and also on the Holy Ghost.  

"But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things and bring all things to your rememberance.."  John 14:26.

This week I literally felt the Holy Ghost comforting me. I literally felt him taking away my hurt feelings, and replacing them with feelings of love and concern. He reminded me that that woman is ALSO a child of God.  And now I can say that I actually do want to return to talk to that woman to understand why she felt that way, out of love, and not frustration.  
I couldn´t get over that terrible experience by myself, but with prayer and with the help of the Holy Ghost, I could. I know that God loves all of His children equally, and I know that prayer is so important. I know that the Holy Ghost has the power to comfourt us and remind us of good things.

Have a LOVELY week❤

xo Sister Councill 

so here are some pics of what we did last pday.. 
Sister Coutinho and I made calzones during the week! Yummm
There was a baptism of a boy here in the ward and afterwards he had a Star Wars themed bday party! 

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