Sunday, January 1, 2017

Week 25: Fazendo Rio Grande and pictures

December 19, 2016
HOLÀ e FELIZ NATAL para todos de voces!!!!!!!!!!!


It hardly feels like it should be Christmas, to be honest, because well because Brasil is hot right now XD

BUT so how about transfers!!! My new area is Fazendo Rio Grande!!!!!!!!!!! (Big Farm River)  It´s about 45 min from Curitiba!  And the area is a LOT less big, so it will be easier to learn the area and yaayayayay.  ALSO get this!  We share a house with Sister Manhas and Sister Albertoni, who I both already know!!! I lived with Sister Manhas in Guarapuava, and Sister Albertoni was in my district in the MTC!!!! SO basically it´s a party every day ;)

So last week I wrote about how challenges are good, and how we shouldn´t run from them.  Well, I think the Lord wanted to humble me a little bit (or a lot).   I was going to go to an area to "open it" after some Elders were switched out, but an hour and a half before my bus left, the APs (Assistants to the Mission President) called and said I´d be going to Fazenda.


My companion would be Sister Ferreira. She has been in the mission for 1 year and 2 months, and Fazenda two different times!  She started her mission here, and now she´s here again!  

Not gonna lie, I was super disappointed when I first heard. I was really looking forward to a growing experience.  BUT Heavenly Father always always always always knows best and He inspired my mission president at the last minute, and so here I am, in Fazendo Rio Grande!

And let me tell yall, I am soooooooooo grateful.  Sister Ferreira is amazing. I swear every single lesson she teaches is 100% guided and inspired by the Spirit.  It´s incredible.  From the first lesson we taught together I know I was here to learn from her. This week has been a very humbling week for me because I´m realizing HOW MUCH I STILL HAVE TO LEARN and grow in the mission, in life etc. Missions are great because you learn so easily how much you still have to grow 🤓

But, I know Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us- everything that happens has a purpose- may it be a lesson to learn, an experience to have, someone to meet etc.  But He has the whole picture, and as long as we´re seeking His guidance, He won´t let us go astray.

So, I´m stoked for this transfer!  I´m pretty positive I´ll only have one transfer with Sister Ferreira, but BRING IT ON :)


Me and my new companion!  And then Sister Albertoni ☺

Super cute Minion plant holders things!!!

And this last picture of that girl from Ratatuii (or however it´s spelled).  We were having a meeting with the Ward Mission Leader and his 4 year old son came up to me and said, "voce com baton" or "You with liptick."  OMG it was sooooo funny!!!! Because I obviously have short black hair, and then the fact that a 4 year old boy knows about lipstick. 😂


xo Sister Councill


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