Sunday, January 8, 2017

Week 27 Hey Ya'll

January 2, 2017

YEAH Happy New Years!!!

You know what´s a crazy thought?? I´ll see some of you all THIS year :D hahaha woah.  Also a crazy thing. I hit 6 months in the mission!!! WHAT.  THe time is going by suuuuuuuuuper fast!!!! I´m not sure how I feel about that. 

Wow so Summer finally hit here in south part of Brasil. HOLY cow HOT.  But the great part is that I´m getting suuuper tan ;) 

So has anyone ever seen an avocado tree??!!! Me either until I moved to this area that I´m at right now.  There´s an avocado tree by our house, and this week I decided to be ambitious and pick one.  Well the only way I was able to pick it was with a broom.  It was pretty great actually. I felt very proud of myself for being resourceful 😂  But anyways, this week I picked an avocado with a broom!

Funny story that happened while proselyting:  We were talking to a woman in the front of her house.  Her son (about 7) and her father (about 95 hahaha) were a little ways behind her.  Her son hopped on a chair, and then the chair fell over.  The womans father was pretty up there in years.  Imagine a hunched over grandpa, with white white hair, that walks super slowly and with a cane.  perfect.  Okay now imagine this.  When the son fell off the chair, he immediately began to laugh and point at him!  It was the FUNNIEST thing.  OH my heck we laughed and laughed afterwards.  So that was great :)

I got to spend a day with Sister Albertonti!  That was fantastic!!!! TWO AMERICANS in Brasil. hahahaha it was awesome.

So here is really neat story my companion shared with me this week:  

A few years ago the state of Sao Paulo was in a super bad draught.  It hadn´t rained for 4 months and the 4 huge water storages for the city of sao paulo were almost empty.  Kind of a huge problem, because the city of sau paulo is FULL of people.

The First Presidency (the Prophet, and his 2 counselors) invited every member of the church to fast for 24 hours, all on the same day, to have it rain. 

It happened to be on a Saturday and my companion was at Institute (a program where young single adults of my church can meet, socialize, and have sripture classes).  Everyone ate a huge lunch together, and then started fasting. Around 5 o´clock my companion siad they were all sitting in a room, listening to the teacher wehn they heard the first drops of rain. Then more and more and then it was POURING.

HOW INCREDIBLE is this story??? The first time I´d heard about it was when my companion was telling it to me this week. I am blown away by the power of a faithful group of people.  It´s the same principle of what happened in the story of Esther.  SHe asked her people to fast 3 days with her, and they were saved.  INCREDIBLE.  

Folks, I know God knows our needs.  He knows us SO perfectly. He knows us and He loves us.  We just have to reach out to Him, show our faith, by doing what He asks of us.  And sometimes, that is by following the Prophet.  I know our Prophet Thomas S. Monson is TRULY inspired of God.  I know he will never lead us astray, and if we follow his guidance, we will always be following God.

Well,  I sure love you all. I may be here in Brasil, super far from all yall, but I don´t love you any less!  

Have a splendid week,

xo Sister Councill

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