Sunday, January 1, 2017

Week 24: Bye Guarapuava

December 12, 2016

SO news flash:

Sister Councill will be transferred!!!!! AH.  TCHAO Guarapuava!  

Yesterday we had a conference here in Guarapuava, and my Mission President came, and interviewed all of us missionaries serving here!  That was great :) I really love my mission president and I hadn´t had an interview with him since I got into the field (so almost 4.5 months!!!!!).

But he told me that I will be transfered to an area close to Curitiba!  I still don´t know where exactly, or who my new companion will be... :(

Apparently the area that I´ll be going to was an area of Elders that were very "Fubeka."  Meaning that they didn´t obey the rules. *sigh* So my mission President is putting me there to "clean things up" so to speak.  I´m excited, and a little nervous! Because I´ll be "opening" the area so to speak.  Both my new companion and I won´t know the area, and we´ll practically be starting from scratch, because the Elders there didn´t do anything.  So it´s going to be one BIG adventure!  

But I´m really excited to be honest.  I love Guarapuava and I LOVE Sister C. Silva, but I really want to grow spiritually. I want a challenges are one of the best ways to grow- so here I goooooooooooooo.

Saying goodbye to Elizandro and Paula, my recent converts here in Guarapuava, was by far one of the hardest things so far on the mission.  I love them so sooo much, and it just kills my heart that I don´t know when I will be able to see them again.  *ahhhhhh*  We all cried- including Elizandro!  It was a pretty special goodbye.

I´m not looking forward to saying goodbye to my companion later today....

BUT on a positive note, this week was great! It rained and rained and rained but it was good! 

I´ve got lots and lots of photos to send this week!!

Last pday my district FINALLY celebrated Thanksgiving XD It was sort of Thanksgiving- the only thanksgiving ish food was the mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie i brought XD but it was fun and good and we played games and it was great!  Also there´s one picture where an elder fell and I´m sending it to you all so you can enjoy the looks on our faces ;P  

Last pday also, the us sisters had a gift exchange and that was really fun. I got a super black and pink polka dot cup, which is perfect because I love pink, polka dots, and i love drinking water XD

I found a HUGE confederate flag at this store called the Ranch. I WAS SUPER STOKED because yall I´m in Brasil, How often do you find a confederate flag?!?!

us sisters had a service project this last week! We helped a family here move! And it was my first real service project so that was neat :)

There are some pics of some people we have been teaching, and then my FAV family here in Brasil- the family of Elizandro and Paula ❤

There´s a church here that has a huge "Missao" in the lawn, and I took a picture in front of it ahah. You might have to zoom to see!

And finally, a selfie of Sister C. Silva yesterday at church :)

But I love you all LOTS and lots and lots!  My spiritual thought this week is to not run from challenges.  Run toward them.  Because challenges are how we grow and progress :)  And I know that Heavenly Father NEVER gives us a challenge or trial that we can´t overcome.  

Have a FANTASTIC week,

eu amo voces MUITO.

xo Sister Councill

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