Sunday, January 1, 2017

Week 23: What's up from Brazil

December 5, 2016

Hello hello hellooooo!

I hope everyone is well and happy! Anyone else can´t believe that today is December 5th??? Maybe I´m more in doubt because here it´s warm, which is super strange. Sometimes my companion says something like, "you know Christmas is arriving because of the warm climate.."  and I´m like  🤔what? hahah 

But this week went by super fast and nothing reallllllly exciting or eventful happened.  Last pday I learned how to make "cocada" a superrr yummy coconut cookie! It takes a lot of time to make so most likely I won´t make it until after I get back, but you all should look up a recipe because seriously it´s sooo good. 

One day this week I thought to myself, "today I want to find a 4-leaf clover." And then during the day we stopped for a second to take a break, and I looked down at my feet and FOUND ONE!!!! How cool is that??? Super sweet coincidence.  But actually I think Heavenly Father heard my thought and wanted to make my day 🙂

I´m really excited because today my district is FINALLY going to celebrate Thanksgiving!!! I made 2 pumpkin pies, so it´ll be great ;) hahaha

But i´d like to share something that I learned this week during my district meeting.  My District Leader said something a little unusual, something that I have never before thought about, BUT that I began to ponder a ton this week and find it reallly important to recognize and so I want to share it with you all! 

He said something like this, "everyday y ou all plan who you wilil teach, where you will teach, and when you will teach.  You all need to thing about the fact that Satan also is planning every day how he can distrupt your work. You all need to be prepared."  

OKAY yes this is a very unusual statement right? And a little bit disturbing- well not disturbing but I can´t think of a better word. 

His statement was directed to us missionaries, but the same principle can be applied to all of us- every day WE absolutely must be prepared or Satan will try and influence us to try and make the wrong choice, and the wrong choice always always always leads to unhappiness.  I don´t want you all to be unhappy, I want you all to be HAPPY and JOYFUL :)  And so does Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  

So what can we do to be prepared?  We can pray for help.  Imagine if everyone in the world as soon as they woke up, knelt down on their knees and offered a prayer to Heavenly Father- asking Him for help and strength for that day.  How much better would this world be?  How much more joyful and happy??

As a missionary, I pray a TON.  Because the work that I am doing is soo special and sacred to the Lord, and I want to give Him my ALL.  I know that you all can pray and give Heavenly Father your all as well! And as you do, He will protect you.  

I love each one of you who is reading this (and those who aren´t as well 😉).  I want you all to have the best day, week and lives possible! And I know that is only possible through Jesus Christ.

So this week, smile a little more, pray a little more, and love Christ and Heavenly Father a whole lot MORE ❤

xo Sister Councill

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