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Week 22 Hello Oi OIah

November 28, 2016

Hey yall!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! I´d love some pics ;)

This week I didn´t get to celebrate Thanksgiving, but it was great nonetheless! I think my District is going to have a "thanksgiving lunch" next week so I´m super pumped about that!  

My week started out in Curitiba and that was great because I got to receive letters!!! Woooohoooo :) That was wonderful, keep on writing ;p

One of the members in the Guarapuava Branch here needed my help one day translating some instructions for a metal detector into Portuguese.  It´s pretty funny because he´s around 70 and wants to search for gold.  haha I think I´ll do that too when I´m 70 years old. Sounds like a great past time!  But after I tried to help him he brought out some old money that Brasil no longer uses. And we were flipping through it and all of a sudden we saw one that had been drawn on. You know how little kids like to draw faces on the people?  Well HE HAD DONE THAT TOO!  AND IT WAS HILARIOUS and I literally couldn´t stop laughing for 5 minutes.  I was imagining this cute little old man drawing on the faces of people on money.  Super super super funny.  

SO THIS WEEK WE MISSIONARIES HAD AN ACTIVITY with our Branch!!! IT WAS AMAZING. I´ll explain why.  So we had 4 Sisters, and 2 Elders.  And we put on a play for the members.  Here´s the run down of the play.

Two Angels (the missionaries) are up in Heaven and realize they have a phone call to make to two girls down on Earth.  They call and say that Christ will visit their house that afternoon.

The two girls´house is completely a wreck, and they rush to clean things up.

In the mean time different people knock on their door asking for help.  A pregnant lady (meeeee haha), a person asking for money (Sister C. Silva), Missionaries (us HA), a person who just wrecked their car (me again), visiting teachers (us), people ready for a service project (us again), and a crazy old lady (Sister C. Silva).  

Every time someone knocks on their door, the two girls reject them because they are "preparing for Jesus."

When their house is clean, the angels call again and inform them that Jesus visited their house numerous times in the form of people seeking help, but they never accepted him.  

So the message was that we need to serve others more, and realize that when we serve we are actually serving Christ.  We then showed the new Christmas video from the church and it was INCREDIBLE.

I´ll talk more about the video later..

But first I want to share something I learned from Church yesterday :) There was a story told from a talk (I don´t remember who or when). It went something like this: there was an old man who was suffering greatly from pain, and one day his young grandson came to visit and saw him suffering. The grandson said, "If I love you more, will you suffer less??"    This question was then applied to US and the SAVIOR.  If we love the Savior more, will He have suffered less?
What do you all think? I think yes!

Because when we love the Savior, we have the desire to follow His perfect example. We have the desire to repent daily. We have the desire to be better- to obey the commandants, obey His teachings, pray, read the scriptures... etc.  

And what is the consequence of all of these actions?  Slowly and surely our bad habits, bad actions, bad desires begin to diminish and are replaced by righteous ones- we begin to become more like Christ; this as a result causes two things:

1. Christ suffered less,
2. We also suffer less

I am so grateful for Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the sacrifice He made for me, and for each of you.  He suffered for each of us, individually, so that we might suffer less.

This Christmas, the Church has produced an activity for us to do to REALLY feel the Spirit of Christmas.

It´s called "Light the World."  It begins on December 1 and ends Christmas! Here is the link 

Every day has a theme and various activities for us to do to be more like Christ, do as He did, and enjoy Christmas more fully!

I promise it is inspired.  And I´m so excited to participate and I encourage all of you to visit the site and learn about how YOU can participate as well :D

I love you all!!!!!!

xo Sister Councill

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