Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Week 39 Half Way

March 27, 2017

Hello people!!!

So many things to tell you all this week!  BUT GUESS WHAT!!!!!! This week marks my half way point!  That means that I only have 9 more months on my mission. Is that not just the wildest thing yall have ever heard?????? OH my heck.

But eventful things that happened!  We had a baptism!  Mariana got baptized last Saturday! :D

We made coxinos this week! SOOO TASTY

A family here found out that I always ate waffles for dinner on Sundays at home, and they made us waffles. ❤  Literally I wanted to cry I was so happy.

Something funny about Brasilians is that they eat Halls cough drops like candy... every gas station of little super marked has them..

SO I CUT SISTER LIBANIO´S HAIR THIS WEEK!!!!  Pictures are attatched!

This week we met and talked to a man who is a "spiritist" or something like that ( I don´t know how to translate it to English).  But he explained the whole reincarnation process to me.  It was quite interesting.......  I actually have always wanted to know how and why they believe in reincarnation, and now I know!  But I can testify to you all, that each of us will be resurected, not reincarnated. 

ALSO GUESS WHAT we found a Nigerian man.  Who lives here in Brasil.  But doesn´t speak Portugues..... BUT SPEAKS ENGLISH!!!!!! We marked a time to talk to him next Sunday. Pray that it goes super well, because I am seriously SO STOKED!!!!
This week as I was studying the Book of Mormon, I found a scripture that is amazing and talks about Christ.  Mosiah 16:9, "He is the light and the life of the world; yea, a light that is endless, that can never be darkened; yea, and also a life which is endless, that there can be no more death."

How beautiful is this scripture?? Did you feel good when you read it?  Because it´s true! My parents always say that if we are on the Lord´s side, we are on the winning side.  I know this is true. I know that no matter what situation we are in, or how we feel, Christ´s light and love is always there for us. ALWAYS. ALWAYS. ALWAYS.

and... guess what?? This weekend Saturday and Sunday  we ALL have the super amazing wonderful incredible opportunity to learn more about Christ.  It´s called General Conference. For two days our beloved Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and his counselors the apostles will speak to us. They will talk about Christ, the Gospel, the Book of Mormon, the Bible, God´s plan for us, and how we can be happy, and what God hopes of us!

General Conference weekend is literally the best weekend of the year ❤ I am SO EXCITED.  

So people, If you live on the East Coast, make yourselves available from 12-2, and 4-6 on Saturday and Sunday.  I PROMISE you it will be worth it, and yall know that missionaries cant lie ;) 

Go to to watch!  

And, I´d love to know which talk you liked best, and why!  Next week I´ll write about that as well,


xo Sister Councill

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