Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Week 35: Miracles are real and dreams come true

February 27, 2017



Ya´ll. I love being a missionary.  Sharing the Gospel is literally the best thing ever. 

Before I write exactly WHY this week was so fantastic, let me tell you some funny things we did!

-I tried making BYU mint brownies, cuz I missed them, and they turned out great actually! 
-I tried making peanut butter.. which sort of not really ended up right.. 
-One day we knocked on about 13 yellow houses trying to find a contac ( who didn´t know her address, but said she lived in a yellow house) and I realized that Brasil has a TON of yellow houses.  We still haven´t found her yet.. sooo prayers por favor (:
-Sister Libanio has a sinus infection and a cold.  And I have a cold  (which isn´t funny actually, but it´s important information, so yall can pray for us 😜)
-We had another Baptism!!!  Felipe!!!

Let me tell you about him!

He is the older brother of Lucas, who is a RC. 3 weeks ago Bishop Roni stopped by their house to get Lucas to come to church. Felipe answered, and Bishop invited him to go to church. Felipe said he would the next week, and he did! This is where Sister Libanio and I enter the picture. On Sunday we introduced ourselves, and set up a time to meet with him. Our appointment ended up falling. BUT he came to church the next Sunday as well! (which was last Sunday) He ended up staying for Eliane´s baptism, and telling Bishop that he wanted to be baptized the next Saturday! Bishop had already told him about the WOW, and Felipe had already thrown out all his cigarettes. (We learned later that he immediately quit, and that now, 1 week and 1/2 later the smell of cigarette smoke makes him nauceous. Miracles) 

Sister Libanio and I ended up teaching him Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. He was interviewed on Wednesday, and baptized on Friday and confirmed on yesterday. 

But let me tell you some more of the detail!  On Monday he told us that his co-worker smoked 2.5 packs, while constantly offering him one, and he never accepted.  MIRACLE.

On Tuesday he had an incredible experience with prayer.  He and his boss are the only people who touch the money, and that day, the money had gotten misplaced.  Felipe knew he hadn´t touched it, but his boss was starting to assume he had.  They had been searching for like 2 hours, when he decided to bow his head and offer a prayer.  2 minutes later he found the money!  AND THEN he said he offered another prayer to thank Heavenly Father.  WOW.  MIRACLE.  

I hope you guys are just as blown as I still am.. this was literally like the dream of any missionary, and I can´t believe it happened to us... Miracles are real. 

It was honestly a super humbling experience for me because I realized that I didn´t do barely anything. It was ALL the Lord. This is His work, not mine or Sister Libanio´s.

I know Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us.  If we have faith in him, we will see miracles. 

Love you ALL,

xo Sister Councill

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