Sunday, September 4, 2016

week 9--Week three in the field--two months on a mission to the day

Hey faam and omigoss,

This week has been better than the last two! I think I´m getting more used to this whole ´´mission` thing ;)

So I´m in GUARAPUAVA! It´s in the state Parana, in Brasil.  Aaaand I love it.  It´ll be my home for at least the next 9 weeks!  Guarapuava is super hilly! I´m out of breathe all of the time, but hey that´s good, right?  It means I won´t get fat XD theoretically.  It´s really quite interesting here, because on one side of the road there can be a really nice house, even for the US, and then on the other side there can be a really old, broken down shed for a house.  It´s sad how badly the money is distributed.  I want to send pictures of it, but we can only take pics on p-day, and we don´t have time to walk around and take photos of all the streets unfortunately :/ Every once in a while a guy on a horse will come by, which is always funny to see!  There´s cats and dogs EVERYWHERE.  One lady we are teaching has probably 30 animals altogether.. O_o  the stars are super pretty at night; I haven't been able to figure out if they are in different spots than in the US.. someone wanna look that up for me, since I cant use google? XD

Funny story time.. yesterday Sister Angulo and I went to a womans house to walk with her to church. When we arrived, we called to make sure she was home.  She said she wasn´t at home, but was at the hospital with a friend.. *dissapointment*.. after we hung up, we heard a noise at the door, so we clapped (in Brasil, rarely anyone has a doorbell, so you clap to be let inside).. then the woman opened the door.  Y'all.  It was so hilariously awkward.. #missao

Funny story number two.. Last night probably around 7:45 we had just tried to meet with someone, but they weren´t home (#missao) so we were walking around, clapping, and trying to find someone to let us in so we could share a message about Christ. (It´s not really great to be wandering the streets at night, ya know) I being me, and friggin loving food, was joking with Sister Angulo that I hope someone will give us food.  (in Brasil, we only really eat lunch, we don´t normally take time to eat dinner.. which is totally opposite of MURICA, so it´s just jollly and lots of hunger XD) And Sister Angulo really had to pee. So we both needed something!  We were walking along, and then all of a sudden there was a man behind a fence, which we were´t expecting it, and were totally surprised by!  The man apologized and asked if we wanted water, to which Sis A replied she needed a bathroom XD  I was thinking 'oh great, now I'm going to have to try and converse with someone in Portuguese, JUST by myself' hahaha (I know a terrible thought for a missionary).  When we got inside, the man´s wife was super friendly, and sis A went to the bathroom, and I was somehow able to talk to her and have a decent-gist of what she was saying.  THEN the best part.  She invited me to the kitchen and gave me cake XD yall.  Literally my favorite human at that moment, was her.  We ate, Sister Angulo used the bathroom, I spoke in Portuguese, and we shared a message!  This is a silly story, but from it I know even if we don't always directly pray, God knows what we want and need :)

I´d like to share with y'all some of the things I´ve realized this week!  Anyone who knows me well, knows that I'm a perfectionist and expect the very best of myself ALWAYS.  This is good, but also bad XD As a missionary, it's good because I work hard, but also equally discouraging.  Anyone else relate?? This isn´t "Adelynn share her feelings time" it´s ''Sister Councill wants to share some lessons she has learned, so that maybe you guys can not have to learn it the hard way'' :)

I´m SLOWLY realizing that I need to be patient with  myself. slowwwwlyyy. Esp with learning a new frigging language haha. I realized that Im not only a new missionary, learning a new language, but that I'm ALSO in a new area with a companion who ALSO doesn't know this area or the members here.  Usually always one companion knows the area.  SO DUH, of course this mission thing is going to be hard.  Realizing that was like 'duh you silly girl!"  Whatever things you all are struggling to have patience with, take a step back and observe it from an outside perspective.  Most likely you'll realize you're doing a pretty swell job :)

Ive also been pondering a ton about my Savior Jesus Christ -duh I'm a missionary haha.  Sister Angulo and I broke down one day this last week during companionship studies, and just cried and talked about how much we are realizing we NEED to rely and focus on the Savior and His Atonement. I know that if I, and YOU, focus on Christ- meaning that our thoughts, actions, desires are aligned with His- then no matter how hard life is, OR how badly we want something, nothing really can permanently be wrong- NOT if we keep Christ in our view.  If you don't have a picture of Christ somewhere, I invite you to get one and look at it every day.  His light and love will influence you each day.

There´s a quote from my favorite apostle- Jeffrey R. Holland.  He said, "If we live the Gospel to the best of our ability, then today, tomorrow, and every other day will be magnificent." ISNT THAT WONDERFUL. An apostle of the Lord said that folks.

Y'all, I know Jesus Christ loves me.  I know He loves you. I know He loves us each So much, He suffered for each and every one of us.  I know HE LIVES.  I know that the Gospel He taught was fully restored to the earth through the prophet Joseph Smith. I know the Book of Mormon testifies of this.  If you aren´t familiar with these things, I dare you, just dare you to look them up on and learn more.  I PROMISE you will find more happiness in your life than you ever have before.  Yes I know, that´s a pretty big promise, but guess what? It´s true!  My mission is hard as heck, but ya know whaaaaaaaat? I know these things are true, and that is why I am here in BRASIL- so that people here can find greater happiness in their lives.

MUCH LOVE to all of yall,

xo Sister Councill de Estados Unidos

ps. can someone ask Sister Moore for her syrup recipe?? Obrigada!

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