Sunday, September 25, 2016

Week 12

Hey yaaaalll,

Feliz dia para voces! (Happy day for yall!)

Man, this last week was so good, and so fun, and I´m super happy right now :)

Last p-day was my companions birthday, and since she is Mexican, we celebrated by having a picnic and eating burritos. It was pretty legit. BTW Brazilian food is super different than Mexican food, and you cant even buy salsa, sour cream, or tortillas here. We homemade all the stuff for burritos!

On Tuesday I made Alfredo for the other three sisters, and it was a FIRST time for Sister Manhas (she is Brazilian). So that was adventure. I´m beginning to really appreciate America and the diversity of foods that we eat on a day-to-day basis. Here it´s seriously like rice, beans, meat, salad EVERY day. But I love it :)

Funny story: One day while my comp and I were walking home, I was trying to say "french fries," but I accidentally said "fried cockroach."  It was hilarious, and we both couldn't walk because we were laughing so hard.  Moments like this make learning a second language super fun!

All the other sisters in my apartment think it´s super funny to scare me, because when I get scared I freak out and start running really fast in the opposite direction. So almost every day or every other day when we are walking to lunch or another place, one of them will do something. ๐Ÿ˜…

This past week was so productive! We had lots of lessons, and the best part is that...... WE HAVE THREE BAPTISMAL DATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I´m so excited. Literally. October 8 is the day we have set. If yall need extra things to pray for, pleas pray that Sister Angulo and my investigators will be prepared to be baptized on that date! woop!

This week Sister Angulo literally SPRINTED at least 3 times to catch the bus. But it was worth it, because we made it every time. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

On Friday we had lunch with a member who lives way out in the boon-docks of Guarapuava, but lemme tell you, IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. Imagine a long dirt road, with a forest on one side, and horses, rolling hills, lakes on the other side! Oh my heck. I was in heaven, it was so pretty! My companion has some sweet pics of it, and hopefully I can get them from her to show yall!

Sister Angulo and I had a lesson this week with a man and his wife that ended up being absolutely hilarious. During the opening prayer, which I was saying, the man said to his wife. "Elas sao muito bonita eh?" (they are really beautiful huh?)  I had to not laugh... and then at the end we asked him to offer the closing prayer.  He proceeded to stretch out one hand and then chant full on with his eyes open.  (I´m not actually sure if it was chanting or not, because I couldn´t understand) Oh my heck. After the lesson, Sister Angulo and I were dying. It was so funny. 

I spoke in church yesterday! My first talk in Portuguese! My first transfer and I already had a talk XD Wanna know what it was about??

So this last week Sister A and I were trying to find a house of a less-active member. When we found the house, he wasn´t home and the wife wanted nothing to do with us. So we were left on a new road with no planned thing to do.  Sister A turned to me and said, "Why do you think we are here? What does God want us to do??"  This is a Q we have to ask ourselves a lot as missionaries, because at every moment we need to be conscious of what God wants us to do... but I was thinking more and more about it and I realized it´s a Q ALL of us have to ask ourselves.  "What does God want me to do right now?"  THIS is what I chose to speak about.  In addition I shared some really neat quotes from President Monson´s talk in this April´s General Conference. "Choices."  That is the name of the talk, and please please please look it up!!! It is really only one page long, but it is SO GOOD.  

President Monson has a phrase, "the choices we make do determine our destiny," or "decisions do determine destiny."  He also explains that we need to choose the harder right, than the easier wrong.  And if we choose Christ, than we can be 100% sure that we made the right decision. 

I really love the short and simple message of his talk.  To Choose Christ.  
You need to read his talk though, because it is so much better than how I am trying to explain it. YOU can find it here!

Also this week in church another person spoke about how Jesus Christ is both the PERFECT leader, AND follower.  I know a lot of you receiving this email are involved with the YMCA or leaders club or BRLS, or if you aren´t you´ve had times in your life where you have had to lead or follow.  I encourage you this week to think about how Christ is both the perfect leader and follower.  He taught His gospel. He established His church. He performed miracles. This is how He led. But through it all He continuoulsy said, "I do the will of my Father."  This is how He was a perfect follower.  How can this apply to you?

EU AMO VOCES MUITO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xo Sister Councill

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