Sunday, September 4, 2016

Week 8 -- week two in the field

 HEY fam!

OH my heck.  The mission is crazy, and I have so much to freaking learn, and it´s overwhelming, but also sooo soo good. Everyday is different.  Im learning that I (and each of us) have to take each day at a time, and just simply do our best and let God do the rest.  Some days our best is not very good, but others it´s fantastic!!!!  My companion has a heart condition, and cant work some days, so this last week we spent 3 days in our house instead of out working.  It was hard on me because I know I need to be out talking with people to learn the language.  But It´s helped me learn that each day is different and our best is different each day.  ALSO praying is literally the best medicine that exists.  

This week it RAINED so much!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH.  But I guess thankfully we were in the apartment for 3 of those days XD

This week I started to talk a little bit more during lessons, and that felt reaaaaaaaaally good. I seriously cannot wait for when I can full on teach a lesson.  But for now, I can share my testimony, and very very very simply talk about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

One lady we taught said I had an accent that sounded like I was from Bolivia.  I thought that was funny.  Why Bolivia???

I like to clean dishes now... I used to hate it before the mish ( who actually likes to clean dishes??) but now I enjoy it.  Not sure why XD

Around Tuesday I finally figured out how to make the shower hot, so that was a HUGE joy hahaha!

Crawling into bed is literally the best.

I introduced to combination of avocado and eggs to my companion and the other Sisters in our apartment! It was really funny; they were like "what the heck??" They liked it though! 

I love you all so much! And please know that I pray for you every day.  

XO Sister Councill

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