Sunday, September 18, 2016

Week 11

Sept 12, 2016

Hey family and friends!

I´m so happy to be writing you right now! I have one hour a week to write you all, and it´s right now! wooohooo!  Remembering all of the things I want to say is really challenging, but here we go..

On Monday we traveled to Curitiba and spent the night there. It was really funny because 10 sisters were all sleeping in an apartment meant for 2! #missionlife Fun stuff. The next morning Sister Angulo and I headed off to the mission office for the "new missionary" meeting. Ya'll, it was sooo wonderful. I was able to see my district from the MTC and talk lots of English with them! It was like a breathe of fresh air :) That afternoon we headed back to Guarapuava and didn´t get to our apartment until like 11:30! CRAZY. We didn´t go to bed until 12:30... which lemme tell you is super unusual for missionaries. We have a strict schedule we live by, and going to bed at 12:30 is definitely NOT a part of it XD hahaha the other 3 sisters and I decided we would wake up at 8:30 so we could get 8 hours of sleep. I´m pretty sure I won´t ever do that again in my mission XD Unless I´m sick. BUT it makes for a funny story!

Wednesday we didn´t work (go outside and talk to people/teach lessons) until around 6 at night. (ALSO unusual for a missionary)  To be honest, my companion and I haven´t 'worked' a whole ton the last two weeks because she has been pretty sick. (but that´s another story) So the four of us headed out of the apartment to do "Carinha Missionaria." It´s when we go around to different members/ non members houses and sing a hymn we have prepared and share a spiritual thought.  Carinha missionaria went super well and we were able to find new people to teach! But I want to tell you all what happened at the very end of the night.  It was truly a miracle- we were on our way home, around 9:15.  Normally we are supposed to be in the apartment by 9, but we were running late. (a first for Sister Angulo and I). We were humming and singing hymns together in the street, when we all noticed a man in front of us who started to walk slower. Obviously we were worried because we were sisters and it was night time. But then Sister Manhas realized he was someone they had talked to the other day! So we sped up and started a conversation with him.  It turned out that his father had just died that day, and he was really needing consolation and comfort. We were able to sing "Nearer My God to Thee" and share our testimony of God´s Plan of Happiness.  It was truly a miracle. If we hadn´t have been late, that wouldn´t have happened.  Sister Angulo and I have a lesson with him tomorrow, and I´m so excited to see where things will go! 

This week during lunch I shared a scripture I found with a member family- Mark 11:24. It talks about prayer- if you pray, believing you will receive the things you pray for, God promises you will.  I really have been thinking a lot about how MANY prayers I have said that were repetitive and not 100% sincere. Think about how many prayers you have as well. And now, think about how many blessings you and I have missed out on because we weren´t sincere! Crazy huh? Heavenly Father really doesn´t ask much of us. He says, "pray to me with faith and I will answer your prayers."  I truly know He will. I know He loves us soooo so much and wants to hear about our lives and our desires. 

This is my email and my thoughts for this week! I can´t believe I´ve been in the field for over a month! 

XO Sister Councill

ps if you didn´t send me your address please do!!!!

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