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August 15, 2016

Oh. My. Heck.                                     

Y'all.  I dont even know where to start!!!!!!!! The last week in the CTM was good!  I really miss my companion Sister Pattee, but my  new companion, Sister Angulo is FANTASTIC.  She is Mexican, and has been on a mission for 1 year and 3 months.  So most likely I will ´´kill´´ her (when a missionary finishes their mission).  We are in the city GUARAPUAVA.  It´s about 5 hours west of Curitiba I think.  Soooooo Guarapuava doesn´t have a ton of members of the church, so President Cuvilier (my mission president) decided to put two sets of Sister missionaries here. That is Sister Angulo and moi!  Which means we both don't know the area at all, AND I cant speak the language!  So fun XD

Some fun facts about my mission.. I can only write, read, and send letters on p-day (including past letters).  And ya'll can only send letters to the mission home in Curitiba.  I can only get those letters when someone from Curitiba visits my area.  SO SAD.  SO SO SO SAD.  If you guys send me letters, I probably wont be able to read them for a month or so.. BUT please do keep sending them, because it will be like Christmas when I get one :D Thank you to the peeps who sent me a letter from the priest/laurel adventure! :)

In my apartment, I live with two other sisters.  We only have one bathroom, so that is kind of annoying, but it´s really fun having more people to interact with! 

OKAY. So this first week in the field has been quite a hard adventure.  I spent 6 weeks in the CTM learning Portuguese, buuuuuut I don't understand like anything anyone says to me (besides my companion when she breaks things down and speaks slowly for me).  It´s been quite an adventure! We stop people on the street, and I try my best to explain that we are missionaries, and we have a purpose to help people have more faith in Christ, and we share messages of Him.  I think I´m getting better at that XD  little by little. I didn´t understand anything from church yesterday XD  AH.  It´s so frustrating and disheartening, and I realllllly miss you ALL more than I have ever, buuuuut.  I know for certain that I´m supposed to be in Guarapuava with Sister Angulo, learning Portuguese, and teaching people about Christ. And as hard as that is, I am happy!  We have fun :)  The other day we were both really hungry and tired, and so we stopped at a little cafe and ate pizza and a ton of chocolate things and spoke English. It was incredible XD haha Sister Angulo speaks fluent English, which is a HUGE miracle and blessings.  I was praying to have a trainer who would be fluent in both English and Portuguese, and I got one :)  God knows our prayers and answers them in sweet ways.


1 &2 are of Sister Pattee and I (my companion in the CTM)
3 is a package I got (THANK YOU SO MUCH, IM GONNA GET FAT FROM ALL THE CANDY, but the peanut butter is bae)
4 is all the new missionaries in my mission!
5 my companion and mission president!
6 e 7 selfies with Sister Angulo!!!

I don't have a ton of photos because I'm only allowed to take pics of the area on p-day... rules XD so many rules XD I'm determined to be exactly obedient though!

Random things from this week!
-during my first lesson I got poop on my shoe, while inside
-it´s SO COLD in our apartment, but not outside during the day, so we have to bring a coat and carry it around all day
-Brazilians don't really use dryers
-water in the sink is ALWAYS cold
-there´s way more poberty here than I expected (hence the first bullet about poop on my shoe)
-we walk freaking everywhere and I´m SO THANKFUL for good shoes

IT´s an ADVENTURE FOR SURE!!!!! Every day is different!  I cant wait to speak the language and communicate and joke around with people in Portuguese.  

I love you all and pray for you all morning and night! Have a terrific week and TCHAU,

xo Sister Councill

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