Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Week 2

Oi familia e amigos!!!!!  PDAY is the bomb! Last week we went to the
temple and then went out of the CTM (centre de traino missionario) and
explored! Theres a dope cookie shop right accross from the CTM! I also
bought a dry erase marker to help me study XD I was probably way more
excited about that than I should have been XD  The city is super
colorful and I love it!  We now teach two investigators everyday, as
well as go on splits (switch companions) with the Brazil missionaries
and teach, AND teach a member.  SO MUCH TEACHING.  I´m still
struggling to understand native Brazil speakers, but this last week
was so good despite that! My birthday was wonderful!  Thank you
everyone who wished me a happy birthday! AND DAD I HOPE YOURS WAS SO
GOOD!!!!  My companion wrote me a really sweet note, and the Elders in
my district bought me a friggin good dough sandwitch meat thing.  I
LOVE my district.  I feel like I´ve known them all for so long, and
we´re the best of friends.  I look forward to two things EVERY day:
LANCHE and working out.  Playing volleyball with the Brazilians is so
fun and funny. And getting snacks every night is literallly the best.
I look forward to eating so much, and that sounds terrible, but the
food is so amazing and it´s a break from studying and teaching.  Its
muito hard staying awake after lunch.  I struggle so bad.  Any ideasas
to how to solve that?!?! haha.  Random things:  Brazilians cant
pronounce `Councill.´  Theres an animal called capivari that are in
parks in Curitiba apparently!  Look it up theyre hilarious looking.
Spiritual thought:  Anyone who knows me well, knows that I stress and
get anxious pretty easily.  Last week when I realized we were getting
so much more opportunities to teach I freaked out a little.  (teaching
is bad, but teaching when you cant speak the language yet is like O.O)
Something I thought about before I left, and a TON now that I´m on my
mission is the scripture that says ´´Perfect love casteth out all
fear..´´ I´ve been saying that over and over and over and over to
myself so much!  Ive been praying that I can just simply feel Gods
love for my companion, the people I teach, and the people of Brazil.
And ya know what?? This week has been amazing! Ive tought decently
well, and been able to testify of God and Spirit.  I KNOW that God
hears our prayers.  I know that whatever it is you might be fearful
of.. the future.. school.. work.. relationships.. if you pray to be
filled with God´s love, you will feel that fear begin to be replaced
by faith.  I TESTIFY that is true :)  I know God loves each of you SO
SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!!! I hope you all have a tremendous week!!  Remember
to thank God for the big and small blessings in your life.  You´ll be
happier I promise ;)  XO Sis Councill    p.s.  If you emailed me, and
I dont have time to email you back Im SO SORRY

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