Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Week 5

Oi familia e amigos!

Eu amo voces!!!! This is my last pday at the CTM!I I cant believe Ive been here for 5 weeks. I will leave sometime early next Tuesday morning.  We don't get our travel plans until Saturday I think. I AM SO EXCITED.  EU SOU MUITO ANIMADO!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to get to the field (My actual mission and not just the CTM).  I can't wait to get to work and love the people.  I've done my best to learn the language here at the CTM, but I still am majorly lacking in comprehension and speaking.  BUT there's a cool promise in the scriptures (I apologize if I've already said this, it´s quite possible) ''perfect love casteth out all fear''. I'm confident Ill be able to love the people I meet, teach and serve.. and if I do that, then Heavenly Father can help with the rest :)

I was sick (still am) this last week, and so the last 7 days have been rougher than usual.. but despite that I saw a lot of little miracles! Miracles like being able to understand the devotional (100% Portuguese) when I prayed to, being able to teach investigators and them somehow understanding me, having such a SWEET companion who is also going to BYU after the Mish! I think seeing miracles is what I'm most excited for!  I'm excited to see the miracle that comes when the Gospel of Jesus Christ is introduced into someones life. AH.  Y'ALL. I cant wait <3

I can't remember what all I've said about the CTM, so I'm gonna tell y'all about it again!  I'm up at 6:30, and ready for the day by 7. Then we have personal study/breakfast until 8:30.  After that we study TALL (a computer program for learning a language) and then at 9:15  we get to work out until 10:15! After we work out our days vary- but we either study our language, study o Livro de Mormon, learn from our teachers, plan, learn how to plan, teach, eat, study study study. There's not really ''free time.''  I heard there is at the Provo CTM though XD It's crazy- we do sooo much here that I legit feel like a sinner for taking a 15 min nap..

Eventful things that happened this week:
-Ive killed so many cockroaches (y'all better be proud of me)
-one of my teachers gave us grapes one day and it literally felt like x-mas
-My district introduced Rudolph the red nosed reindeer to my other teacher and now we´re all crazy hyped for x-mas!!!
-Ive never missed you tube more in my life
-we almost got to go to the Campinas temple, but didn't.... pretty sad about that
-the word ´morder´means to bite, and I remember it because in Lord of the Rings Frodo gets his finger bitten off by Golem in Mordor XD  #lotrnerd

That was my week!!!! I would love to hear from y'all! Hopefully Ill be able to email something quick when I get to the field, but if not my  next p-day will be the Monday after next!

I pray for y'all more than once a day! I love you each and hope you have a lovely week.  Enjoy the warm and sun for me cuz in 6 days this girl is gonna be in COLD Curitiba!!!!!!!!! WAH

xo Sis Councill

ps If you want to write me, use my mission address, not the MTC one
pps. Im really hoping Ill have more time to email once I'm in the field. ALSO brace yallselves, cuz I'm going to send a TON of pictures my next p-day!!

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