Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Week 4

Oi familia e amigos!!!

Eu amo voces! This week has gone by SO fast.  Which is good and crazy at the same time. I cant believe Ive been on my mission for a month already!  I still feel like I barely know any Portuguese, buuut the lessons Sister Pattee and I have been teaching are getting better and better.  Honestly, Ive learned more Portuguese in a month than I ever learned with 3+ years taking French.  MIRACLE.  God is so good.  

Okay so fun things from this week:
We (my district) bought a TON of friggin candy last Pday and we all equally love it and also regret.
All the Brasilians think Im Elsa from Frozen, mostly because I'm blonde and braid my hair almost every day. XD
One of the sisters in my district literally has the perfect long, wavy hair which is PERFECT for braids and updos, which means a HAPPY Sister Councill.  I get to do her hair a bunch and I loves it.  
So in the movie Nemo, theres a part where the seaguls go ``mine mine mine mine.`` And everytime I here ``oi oi oi oi``thats what I think about.  Great fun!

A General Authority came to visit us this last week (a General Authority is a leader in my Church).  He spoke to us and it was MUITO BOM.  He said something that totally made me cry--- 83% of the members of my Church speak either English or Portuguese. So that means when Im fluent in Portuguese, Ill be able to talk to 83% of my church! I feel super lucky and blessed.  ALSO  .... during the devotional, I was pondering some things that Ive been thinking about for a while, and I just got this feeling and knew that Heavenly Father KNEW and CARED about the things I had been pondering.  

YALL.  Heavenly Father KNOWS your thoughts, cares, worries, desires etc.  And He cares about them SO MUCH.  He cares about YOU.  Because you are His child. He loves you sooooo so much.  I know that.  

I hope you each have a LOVELY week and that you are HAPPY!!!!!!

xo Sister Councill
PS:  I got into the BYU accounting department!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So happy  

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