Saturday, February 4, 2017

Week 31: So much to tell ya'll


Wow okay so to be honesty, I don´t even know where to start!  I´ll start by telling you about my new companion!  (minha filha-my daughter).  She is from Sao Paulo (like all of my Brasilian companions hahaha).  She´s adorable! She has a really soft and high voice, it´s super adorable. AND she is one day older than I!  Her birthday is July 7th and mine is July 8th, isn´t that pretty funny??  Well she´s an amazing and dedicated person. She´s super willing to work, even with blistered feet and she isn´t scared to talk to people!  Basically I feel really blessed and happy to be her companion :)

Fun fact:  This week I had cow stomach.  

Fun fact:  Never again will Sister Councill eat cow stomach.

Also something interesting about Brasil.  Here, teenage boys fly kites in the street for fun!  I thought that was super interesting because you would NEVER catch a teenage boy doing that in the States!

Also this week was realllly hard for me.  My mom always said that the mission is HARD, because people have agency.  And this week I found that to bee 210% true.  We have been teaching Lucas and Leah.  They are awesome.  Lucas is almost 19, and Leah is his mom.  They were super interested in what we had to say and we were SUPER excited to teach them.  We taught them about the Book of Mormon this last week, and a day later called them to invite them to an activity.  Leah said they talked to their pastor and would stay in their church.  MAN, okay guys.  You know that feeling you get after someone breaks up with you?  Well I 100% felt that after she hung up the phone.  I´ve never cried so much on the mission, except for in that moment. And I felt totally ridiculous, because my companion is a newbie and I have to be an example for her haha- but When I thought about it, my two trainers both cried during their first week with me.  I guess it´s normal haha.  

No, but seriously, it was the worst.  And I understand now why missionary work is so hard.  You meet people, and you begin to love them SO MUCH, and then when they aren´t willing to give it a chance- the Gospel, the Book of Mormon- it is truly soo soo sad.  

If ya'll wanted to pray for them, that would be AWESOME.  We already stopped by once after this phone call, but yesterday their pastor visited them, and she called again to say that they wouldn´t be receiving our visits anymore.  *sighhhhh* Please pray for them.

So that was a huge part of my focus this week.  Also we are teaching Eliane.  Her story is INCREDIBLY long, but if you all wanted to pray for her and pray specifically that she can understand why baptism is important, I would be very grateful!

Also a call to all those who know what Blue Ridge is😉😎  Would you all be willing to send me ideas of simple ice breakers, and things like that from the class Character Education?  It would help me a TON here on the mission 😀 Thank you thank you! ❤

Yesterday during Sunday School we learned about the Creation. How God created the Earth, and how this is an example of how much He loves us. At the end, the teacher asked a question that has REALLY caused me to think.  

What do you appreciate most about the creation of the World?


That´s a pretty grand question, huh?  
It really made me think hard!

I ended up saying that I appreciated most that God created the Earth with diversity- that there are different countries with different cultures that we all can learn from. 
I´ve had the opportunity to experience a little of Asian culture, and now Brasilian, and I really want to experience and love so many more! (that´s my life´s dream in a nut shell).

But I would like to ask all of you the same question- What do you appreciate most about the creation of the world???

I promise you that thinking about this will lead you to realize just HOW MUCH love Heavenly Father has for you. 

Our God is a loving God.
He is a kind God.
He is a merciful God.
He truly is our Heavenly Father.

I love you all and wish you a happy-filled week,

xo Sister Councill

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