Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 18 Happy Halloween from Brasil

October 31, 2016

Hello! Oi!

Eu amo voces!!! And I have lot´s to tell today!

So this week we had what´s called a "Mission Tour." And it´s when one of the leaders of the Church comes and visits the mission and gives a training. AND IT WAS SUPER GOOD. Elder Costa visited us! He actually spoke in the April General Conference of this year I believe, so look his talk up! But it was wonderful to learn from him, and my mission president and see a bunch of other missionaries as well! And I got letters! Woop! (please write letters, I love getting them 😉)

SUPER FUNNY STORY that happened this week. We were proselyting, and this one lady let us into her house, and it was going pretty well and then she asked, "what day do you all consider as the sabbath?"  OKAY, clearly it´s Sunday. But there´s a church here in Brasil, that thinks it is Saturday because of translation error in the Portuguese Bible... she then started to cry because she was so upset about the fact that we weren´t going to be "saved" because we didn´t keep the Sabbath day holy.  Pretty funny right?  Two missionaries in a house, and instead of us crying about the person, the PERSON was crying about us XD  Sister C. Silva and I laughed a bunch afterwards.  But what did we do?  We testified that God loves all of His children, regardless of when they worship the Sabbath day, and that the Sabbath is actually on SUNDAY.

I know a lot of you are involved with Leaders Club, or the YMCA, OR have experience with teaching young children!! As a missionary, we get to have "family home evening" with some families, and it´s always nice to play a little game or do a fun activity. BUT my brain is so preoccupied with other things, that I´ve seriously forgotten all fun activities. If you have an idea, pleaseeeeeeeeeeee email me :) Muito obrigada!!!!

So the highlight of my week was Saturday!!!! We got to go to the temple!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got up at 2 am and arrived around 6:30 am.  And we stayed until 6 pm!!! By far, one of my favorite days on the mission. The Brasil Curitiba Temple is absolutely gorgeous, and even more inside. I cannot wait to go back in about 3 or 4 months!

In the MTC in Sao Paulo, I was lucky enough to go to the temple every pday. But here in the mission I don´t have that luxury.  I don´t think I realized just HOW much I had missed the temple, until I stepped inside. As soon as I stepped inside I felt the overwhelming peace and love that only is in the temple. I felt so incredibly grateful to be there- in the House of the Lord. I know temples truly are the sacred houses of the Lord. I know Heavenly Father and Christ dwell there. There is no way I can deny that.  I know that only in holy temples can we make sacred covenants, or promises, with our Heavenly Father that allow us to one day return to His presence and live in never ending happiness. ONLY in holy temples can we be sealed together for time and all eternity. 

I know that God loves us immensely. I know this because He allowed the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be restored through Joseph Smith, and because of that we now have the blessed opportunity to live THAT Gospel, and receive the saving ordinances that can only be found in the temple. 

This world we live in now is broken, but we have a link to Heaven, and that link is Temples. 

I love you all muito,

xo Sister Councill

p.s. look up Temples on if you want to learn more ;)

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