Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 19 Pumpkin Pie and Mexican Food

Hello all you lovely people!!!!

Ah man this week flew by SO FAST.  I´ve got lots and lots to share today! Woohoo, so "vamos la!"  (let´s go!)

Funny things..

We live in the "city" part of Guarapuava, and it´s super funny because the people that live accross from our apartment have SHEEP! Yep sheep. What´s even funnier is that some times we can even talk to them, "baaaaaaaaa!"  It´s hilarious.  One day I want to ask the owners if we can pet them, and then maayyybe we can turn it into a missionary experience! hah

So the people here in Guarapuava are CRAZY about Christmas. There are already decorations and such up, and it´s the 7th of November..

So to keep ourselves happy and not tired during the day, my companion has started to do this funny thing when we talk to people on the street.  Sometimes (actually a lot of times) people say that they are super familiar with the Bible and that they read EVERY day etc etc.  Now of course I´m sure some people do, but I know most of the time people just say that because we are missionaries.  So what Sister C. Silva has been doing is talking about the Prophets in the Book of Mormon, and pretending they are in the Bible. It´s super funny.  So for example, " Yeah I really love the Prophet Moroni in the Bible. He was such a great hero..." Ah man she did it once during a lesson, and I nearly died XD 

HEY if any of you love to cook, please send me easy and cheap and yummy and filling recipes!! Because sometimes a member will give us money for lunch, and usually it´s not a ton, so it´s hard to eat out and we don´t have much time to prepare a huge lunch (we have to eat a big lunch because we don´t eat dinner). So I would reaallly appreciate recipes <3 thanksss

OH so one day this week we made MEXICAN FOOD and it was GLORIOUS.  I haven't had Mexican food in so long.. and I really love Mexican food.  ALSO I decided to make a pumpkin pie because it is my favorite. So I had Mexican food and pumpkin pie and it was wonderful 😅  (anyone want to send a recipe for apple pie??)

THIS WEEK I HAD A SUPER COOL EXPERIENCE!  We attended an English class, and I got to talk about my mission, why I chose to serve a mission and what I do as a missionary, IN ENGLISH. It was soooooo greaaaat.  Please pray that we can turn it into a missionary experience the next time we go!

So this week I decided to study obedience.  I felt that it was something I needed to be better at. As I was studying, I found this scripture, "If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; and ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free (John 8:31-32)"  I was studying about how when we obey God´s commandments we are actually giving ourselves more freedom in our lives.  BUT what I began to think about was the election that is tomorrow ( I think?). I´m honestly super unaware of everything that has been going on with the election, but I don know that many people are stressed about it.  And I just thought to myself, "really as a disciple of Christ, as long as I am obedient/loyal to God, then the truth shall make me free." AND I really really really really have no doubt that God protects and blesses the righteous and obedient.  So with the election coming up, what shall we do?  Prayerfully vote and then strive to be obedient children of GOD and ALL will work out the way it should :)

Also this week my companion and I had a neat experience with prayer. Almost all of the door handles in our apartment fall off super easily, including the handle to our bedroom door.  Well one night this week the door was super loud and creaky ( I have since bought wd40) so during the night I closed the door assuming I could just fix the handle in the morning. Well when we woke up it was a LOT harder to figure out that we had thought, and we were locked in! Normally the other sisters could open it for us, but they were in Curitiba.  So we decided to offer a prayer, and sure enough a few minutes later I figured out how to put the handle back on! This is a silly little experience, but I truly know that God hears and answers our prayers. After this little miracle I thought, "wow today is going to be a SUPER great day because it´s only 6:30 in the morning and we´ve already seen a miracle!!"  Sure enough that day was amazing and we ended up teaching NINE people!!!! Normally we only teach around 5 or 6.  

I want to develop the faith that EVERY prayer I offer will be answered. This is one of my goals in the mission.  I know that as long as what we pray for is in line with God´s will, and doesn´t take away the agency of another person, our prayers are always answered.  So let´s keep on praying!

Com MUITO amor,

xo Sister Councill


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